Saddle Care & Maintenance

Newer Saddles

You Need

  1. Rudy’s
  2. Leather Finish (For More Shine)
  3. #1 Saddle Oil

Care of newer saddles: Most newer saddles do not need to be oiled but will need the surface to be cleaner and conditioned as the sun and riding gradually deplete the oils put into the leather during the final stages of the saddle manufacturing process. 

Use Rudy’s tack and Saddle Conditioner and Finish as often as is needed to keep saddle looking nice. Rudy's is easy to use: Just put some on clean cloth or shearling and treat the leather. It will lift off dirt and rejuvenate the leather.

However, if your saddle leather shows signs of excessive wear oiling the underside of the leather will greatly benefit the leather fibers. Apply a light coat of #1 Saddle oil to the underside of the leather. If anytime you desire the leather to have more shine apply a coat of leather finish.

Annual Cleaning

You Need:

  1. Saddle Soap
  2. #1 Saddle Oil
  3. Rudy’s
  4. Leather Finish (For More Shine)

You can go as deep into taking the saddle apart as you care to. Just remember what you take apart needs to be reassembled.

Water does not hurt leather so take the saddle outside and hose it down if you want. Apply Saddle Soap with a soft nylon brush gently working it into the carving and also on the underside of the leather. The grime will lift to the surface so rinse the leather well to remove the gunk and also the soap.

Drying: Be sure to keep the leather away from heat sources during the drying process. After the rinsing let the leather dry overnight but not more than 24 hours so that the surface is dry but the interior is still damp.

Oiling: Put oil on a clean cloth or shearling and apply a light coat to the leather. This oil will quickly penetrate the leather and does not streak, blotch or leave a surface residue. Apply a second light coat of oil. Reassemble your saddle.

Color: If you want the leather to remain as light as possible oil only the underside of the leather and put Rudy’s on the top surfa


You Need:

  1. Rudy’s
  2. #1 Saddle Oil

The restoration brings life back to old or neglected leather. Rudy’s has the moisturizers needed to rejuvenate old leather fibers and restore the natural beauty to aged leather.

Leather that is to be used after restoration: refer to Annual Cleaning

Museum pieces: Clean and rejuvenate using Rudy’s. A light coat of oil on the underside of the leather further improves the flexibility of leather.

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