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Customer Reviews

Heather Mass

Stillwater, Minnesota

All of our furniture is leather. We have a lovely off white Italian leather sofa, chairs and matching ottoman we've had for decades in our formal living room. My 3 year old decided to color the ottoman with black ball point pen. I thought it was ruined, but I tried Furniture Amore on the piece to see if I could save it. It took a few applications and patience but to my amazement not a single trace of pen markings remained. I've used Furniture Amore ever since to clean and condition all of my leather furniture.

Tony Laier

Fort Worth, Texas

While setting up the Al and Ann Stohlman Collection in Sheridan, Wyoming, Australian Leather Artist, Peter Main gave my wife Kay and I the job of cleaning and reconditioning all of Al and Ann's personal leather items, including Al's first leather projects, dating from the mid 1940's. We tested many brands of leather cleaners and conditioners but were not satisfied with the results. We then tried Bee Natural's Leather Amore and knew immediately that we had found a product we could trust to use on this very special and irreplaceable collection. Leather Amore not only cleaned and conditioned without harming the leather, as promised by its manufacturer, it also impart each piece with a warm, rich, soft glow

Gary Howard

Farmington, New Mexico

I used the new RTC on a project I was antiquing. It is absolutely the best product I have used in over 35 years of leather work. I just ordered from you and will probably use it for my primary finish from this point forward. You can be sure I will be recommending it to all my friends in leather.

Bill Gomer

I've had leather carvings hanging on my studio/shop walls for years. These carving were painted with acrylic paints which crack with age. Time, with the help of cigarette smoke, made these carvings exceedingly dirty, to the point that much of the color was lost. To restore these carvings I used Bee Natural Leathercare's Leather Amore. When I applied the leather Amore the dirt and brown smoke film just ran off the carvings. The Amore didn't streak the carvings, and the rich colors that the smoke had covered up for years the Leather Amore brought back to life. I am very impressed with Leather Amore and highly recommend using it.

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