Quick Care Tips & Techniques

Refurbishing a Used Saddle

Clean with Our Saddle Soap, allow to dry about 24 hours out of sunlight and heat, and then apply a light coating of #1 Saddle Oil or #1 Saddle Oil with Added Protection. Wait approximately 30 minutes and apply a second coat. Then apply a coating of Leather Finish. This combination makes leather look it's best. # 1 #1 Saddle Oil with Added Protection helps fight damages caused by climates with higher humidity. The oils used in this product are deep penetrating and leave no surface residue when light coats are applied.

Protecting a New Saddle

All new saddles should be treated under the saddle jockey and fenders with #1 Saddle Oil to make sure the interior fibers have proper protection.

Automobile Leather

Automobile Leather Interiors can be subjected to extreme temperature variations and a variety of soiling conditions. This means extra care needs to be taken in cleaning and maintaining the leather. Auto Amore is ideal for cleaning and removing marks and soiling that comes from normal use. It is easy to apply, color safe and will remove a variety of marks including ink. Sometimes ink takes time to loosen and lift so Auto Amore needs to be applied a couple of times to let the cleaners work.

To maintain and soften dry leather our Distressed Leather Conditioner used twice a year will penetrate deep into the leather, lubricating and softening the fibers. This will add years of life to the leather. Apply on a warm day when the leather will readily absorb the life support oils found in Distressed Leather. After allowing the conditioner to penetrate for a few hours, take a clean cloth and wipe off any oils that remain on the surface. If you applied too much, you may feel a sticky touch to the surface. If this happens, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.


Furniture Amore is ideal for cleaning and conditioning top grain finished leather. It will remove soiling that comes from normal use. It is easy to apply with a clean damp cloth and buff with a clean dry cloth. It will lighten or remove a variety of stains including ink. Sometimes ink takes time to loosen and lift as not any of our products contain harsh chemical. Apply the Furniture Amore full strength to the spot and let set for several hours or overnight and wipe down with a damp cloth. It may help to gently massage the spot with your finger before removing the Amore with a damp cloth. To maintain and soften natural leather furniture that shows over time darkened areas where the head, arm and hand oils have changed the coloration. The Distressed Leather Conditioner will do a deep conditioning evening out the color differences and feed the leather. This product may slightly darken your leather as it replaces depleted conditioning that lighten the rest of the leather.  On initial contact the Distressed Conditioner will  darken but will lighten up as it has a chance to be absorbed into the leather.


Use our Leather Amore on bike and garment leather to clean and lightly condition. Condition and waterproof bike, garment saddle bags and boots with Distressed Conditioner,  Mink Oil, or Rain and Snow.  The Rain and Snow is the ultimate in waterproofing.

Artists and Carvers

Casing leather isn’t necessary with our Pro Carv concentrate carving solution. Added to water according to directions. Simply wipe it on the leather, let it set for a few minutes then begin carving, stamping or tooling. It lessens the drag on your tools and carving knife. For forming leather as in sheath’s or saddle seats or saddle forks or swell dip the leather in the diluted Pro Carv to saturate.  This will make the forming a lot easier.

During cutting or carving with Pro Carv, as the surface of the leather dries, there will be more drag on the knife. It is recommended the surface be given a sponging of solution at that time to restore easy and smooth carving. In addition, occasionally dipping the blade in the solution greatly enhances the knife's performance.

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