About Us

From our family to yours
For the last 42 years.
Our Origin

Our family traces their roots in the leather leather care industry back to Europe, where the family heritage of working with leather, and the love and care for one of natures most versatile gifts began. Since incorporation in 1977 the company's product line has continually grown. All of us at Bee Natural Leathercare® thank our customers for making us what we are today.

Our Product

Bee Natural Leathercare® contains superior ingredients designed to keep your leather goods in perfect condition. Treated with our specially blended lotions and soaps, your leather will remain soft, supple and breathable. Our products are professionally formulated for the care and protection of  leather, regardless of it's application.

Our Promise

Bee Natural Leathercare® manufactures environmentally safe leather cleaners, leather conditioners, leather waterproofing, and carving and forming solutions for every leather care demand. These extraordinary leather care products can be safely used on any shoe or boot; from dress shoes to heavy duty work, athletic, or exotic footwear, including leathers obtained from alligator, reptile, eel, lizard, snake or ostrich.

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Wholesale Inquiries We are actively looking for distributors, dealers and sales reps for the resale of our products. As a manufacturer, we offer a variety of ways for you to present these products to your customers.
Case pricing for quantities of our bottled products.
Drop shipping for other e-commerce web-sites.
In large quantities, sold by the drum or tote.
Private labeling options available.

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