How to Care For a Western Saddle

How to care for a western saddle. 

When doing an annual deep cleaning to obtain the best results.  Leave it intact or dismantle it as much as you are comfortable to do.  (Remove fenders and rear jockey)  Just remember anything you dismantle needs to be reassembled. 

Our Saddle Soap is a deep cleaner that will remove dirt, grime, sweat and old oil.  Wet the leather and apply the soap with a soft bristle nylon brush, gently working it into the carving and the whole top of the saddle. Being careful not to wet as little as possible the underside of the shearling.  The grime will lift to the surface.  So rinse the leather well with water to remove the gunk and the soap.  Our soap should not remain on the leather.

For drying the clean wet saddle, keep it away from heat.  Let the leather dry overnight, but not more than 24 hours, so the exterior is dry but the interior is damp.

Oiling – Apply our # 1 Saddle Oil with a clean dry cloth or shearling.  First one light coat,  wait an hour or so and apply a second light coat.  The oil will penetrate quickly and does not streak, blotch or leave a surface residue.  Reassemble your saddle.  After oiling apply Rudy’s Tack & Saddle Conditioner and Finish.  Buffing after each coat.  This will really make your saddles and tack look great.  Maintain between your annual deep cleaning with the Rudy’s Tack & Saddle Conditioner & Finish. 

Store your saddle in a clean dry location where it will not be exposed to extreme temperature changes or the environment.

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